Hi, welcome to Libre Town.

You are currently on the landing page.

Libre Town is a virtual world contained entirely within hypertext, like old text adventures. You can navigate it by clicking hyperlinks.

At its core, this is my personal website, where I post my art and blog posts, host projects like web games and webrings, and collect various goodies such as links, graphics or resources. You can find all those things at places within this virtual world: my writing, for example, resides in the town library.

But Libre Town is much more than that. In this virtual world, you will meet characters, explore a theme park, multiple towns, uncover hidden content, and even solve an ARG mystery. All accessible entirely through hypertext and links.


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The Mister Pixel font is a freely available font created by Christophe Badani for Velvetyne Type Foundry. It is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1.