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My name is Lian, and libre.town is my personal homepage.
For me that means: a space to share my work, my passions, my hobbies, and my thoughts with the world.
As opposed to other websites though, Libre Town is designed to resemble a virtual world, explorable entirely via hypertext.

On here, you visit a town - Libre Town - and its surroundings. You click yourself through locations, talk to characters, and stumble upon secrets, gimmicks, downloadables, lore, adventures and much more. All of my work is hidden somewhere in Libre Town; for example, you would visit the town's library if you wanted to read stories I wrote, or the radio tower for music recommendations.

You might find:

  • Things I programmed!
  • Fanfiction and stories I wrote!
  • Art, graphics and photos I created!
  • Link lists, recommendations, opinions I compiled!
  • Tons of secrets to find, places to explore and NPCs to meet!
  • Much more! Just explore and see where it takes you.

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