Hey there!

My name is Lian, and I am the webmaster (webmistress? webmattress?) of this site. In real life, I am a 22 years old nonbinary person who is working on their degrees in linguistics and computational linguistics at a popular university in Germany. However, I also was raised on the internet and computers, so I want to express my personality online, too! The current movement to build an independent, retro-inspired web with a personal focus was a great inspiration to me in this and I hope I can make many new friends. x3

GIF: Digitally distorting photo of a person with red and black hair wearing a mask

Aside from my public facing persona, I also am into video games, constructed languages and linguistics as a hobby, cooking, photography, programming and game development, graphic design and pixelart, and lots of different and occasionally obscure music. I am a free software activist and a full-time GNU/Linux user. I have also been a furry since I was like thirteen years old, although I am not very active in the fandom anymore. I love obscure and obsolete technology too for some odd reason; playing around with barely used internet protocols like WAP, programming languages like Tcl/Tk or technology like tapedecks, vinyl or old mobile phones all bring joy to my heart.

Of course, a site like this cannot fully explain who I am as a person; but occasionally, I will write a personal journal on the blog page on here, so if you happen to want to know more, feel free to check there every once in a while.

Where to find or contact me?

I like keeping my real life including my job and research positions vaguely separate from that part of my identity that tends to be more colourful.
Hence, I use many different names online. However, the part of my personality that I express on here is not alone. You can find me as /home/user/ on the Melonland Forums and as Dazego on PeerTube. Feel free to contact me on any of these sites! :]

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