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Whenever I create something one-off that is either a seasonally appropriate "special issue" of Libre Town (such as, a celebratory page for a holiday or a new year), or something entirely unique such as a club, a webring, a gimmick page or something else along these lines, it gets added to this hub.

This page holds every doodad and goodie that does not neatly fit into the other main places on Libre Town.

Spring 2023 Badge.

Spring 2023: Seasonal page to celebrate the 2023 beginning of the Spring season in the northern hemisphere! Featuring a countdown, an end-of-winter photo gallery, some badges, and a special recipe.

Star Trek space station. Neon pixel art.

Outpost Zeta One: A web text clique themed after Star Trek. Anyone with a personal website can apply to join the clique to be listed there as a regular visitor to the fictious fan space statio Outpost Zeta One, and therefore let their website be discovered by others in the Trek fandom!

WWW Workshop Badge.

WWW Workshop: Stuck with your website, lacking ideas what to add to it next? The WWW Workshop is both a list of website crafting prompts and website ideas, and a small community around them, constantly expanding.

1KiB weight pixelart.

1KiB Town: An XHTML page that weighs only just under 1KiB!