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Welcome to the WWW Workshop!

This is a Libre.Town community project made to help anyone who frequently finds themselves saying: "I have no idea what else to put on my website!" The WWW Workshop is an indexed list of cool, unusual, bizarre and useful prompts that might inspire you to expand your website by a unique page you might have not thought of before.

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To use it, simply choose one of the prompts from the list below and put it into practice; perhaps link back here and name the prompt you used! You might want to use a random number generator to select one of the ideas and just let it carry you wherever it goes.

If you want, you can also e-mail me to show off your results or even to make your brand-new page join the WWW Workshoppers Webring. For more information, check out the sidebar.

  1. #1: Seasonals (shrine for a season, e. g. spring, summer, ...) [Example]
  2. #2: Custom Start Page (to put as the default page for your browser; may contain weather, a clock, cool links, bookmarks, and so on)
  3. #3: Music Albums Collage (your favorite albums arranged in a neat way, perhaps with a comment or even a review each!)
  4. #4: Fictional News Site (maybe for a fantasy world, so nobody can mistake it for the real thing! Weather report, news ticker...)
  5. #5: Mini Page (constrained in file size, perhaps to 1kb, 10kb or 100kb) [Example]
  6. #6: Meme/Quote Collection (your favorite memes in a collage!) [Example]
  7. #7: Digital Love Letter (addressed to your loved one(s)!) [Example]
  8. #8: A Hobby Club/Fanlisting (ask your friends to join!) [Example]
  9. #9: Media Journal (showcase what you have read, played, listened to recently, by date) [Example]
  10. #10: Guestbook (a place for people to leave messages!) [Example]
  11. #11: World Wide Website (a page for appreciating the size and diversity of our Earth: international clocks, random cultural facts, time systems, calendar systems, languages...)
  12. #12: Live chat (a persistent chat-box for people to leave messages in; you can even make it a secret, allowing access only for the most valiant fans!) [Example]
  13. #13: Tourist Guide (show people the highlights of your site if it is expansive!) [Example]
  14. #14: Symbol/Smiley/ASCII Art Collection (showcase your favorite Unicode symbols, text smileys or ASCII art for people to copy!) [Example]
  15. #15: Totally Nuts Conspiracy Theory (an unhinged (satirical) site about something that's totally real and they want to hide from you!) [Example]
  16. #16: Pet/Plant Profiles (got pets or houseplants? show them off on their own little homepage!) [Example]
  17. #17: Recipe Directory (like cooking? jot down your favorite recipes of your own creation and let others enjoy them!) [Example]
  18. #18: Survey results (do silly online quizzes and showcase your results!)
  19. #19: Screenshots Pin Wall (take scenic or atmospheric screenshots in your favorite video games and populate a page with them!)
  20. #20: Secret page (Hide a secret page somewhere on your site. Get creative with it; perhaps someone has to solve a riddle, reverse search an image, or perform a spectrogram analysis of a piece of music!)
  21. #21: Fictional Location (Websites don't have to emulate documents, they can also be places; like Libre Town! Design a page that is a fictional location, with characters to talk to and things to discover!)
  22. #22: A "Now Page" (Not just an About page, but a page about where the webmaster is currently in their life) [Example]
  23. #23: Odd Collectibles (Why collect stamps or coins when you can collect really weird things? Like picture books with goats in them!) [Example]
  24. #24: Landing Page (Duh, but... do you have one? Maybe put disclaimers or content warnings there.)
  25. #25: Adoptable Project Ideas (Got a programming project idea, video game concept or anything else you don't want to create yourself but someone else might? Make a project idea page!)
  26. #26: Fantasy Animal/Plant Profile (Invent your own creature, plant, mushroom, rock, whatever; and give it an encyclopedic overview!)
  27. ... More coming soon! (Last update: 17th of February, 2024)