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"Spring is upon us!"

GIF: ButterflyWell, almost. Officially, spring begins on March 20th; and at the time of setting this website up, it is not yet that time. And remember that all of this is only true if you are in the Northern Hemisphere! We are still in winter as of now; but that is the perfect time to grab a hot chocolate and prepare a little celebratory subpage to get really excited for the blossoming season! In fact, here is a little countdown to the official dawn of spring on March 20th, 2023:GIF: Butterfly

Sorry, your browser does not support JavaScript enough to display the countdown timer. ... That's kinda cool though!

Divider: Spring Flower

Springtime Badges

I have created some spring-themed 88x31 badges for anyone to use if they want to!

Badge: Spring Badge: Gardening Badge: I Feed Birds Badge: Flower Princess Badge: Please Leaf Me Alone Badge: Eat More Salad

I'd also thank the community over at the 32-bit Café for the idea for this page; this subpage is an official entry to their little springtime 2023 website contest:

Badge: Spring 2023 Participation

Springtime Mini Recipes

With fresh vegetables coming back in style during Spring, I have written down some super easy spring-themed mini recipes! ... I don't really know which ingredients are in season in spring, but I tried my best to at least make them fit the aesthetic. Pah!

Tomato-Feta Molten Pasta

Photograph: Pasta with tomato-cheese melt over it

You will need:

  • ~500g really small tomatoes/"cherry tomatoes"
  • A ~200g package of feta cheese
  • A copious amount of garlic
  • 250gs pasta
  • Salt, pepper, basil, olive oil; other herbs if you want, like oregano.
  • Some small container for the oven

Start off by washing the tomatoes and draining the feta cheese of its water. Yeet all of the tomatoes into the container; if you got the right size, they should loosely cover the entire floor like this without stacking (much). Season with olive oil, pepper and salt; other herbs and spices are welcome, like oregano and basil. Chop up some garlic and spread it all over. Put the entire block of feta cheese on top in the middle. Season lightly again so the feta also gets some! Now, pre-heat the oven to about 230°C before putting the prepared container in if you're that kind of person, or just put it in the oven directly at that temperature if you don't care for pre-heating.

Now wait. When the little oven guys have been baking for about half their allotted time (it will take around 25 minutes total, it's ready when the feta has gained nice and golden brown rims), put up some saltwater for the noodles and cook them until they're nice and soft. Finally, they should finish at around the same time; drain the pasta, take out the container from the oven (caution: hot!), and mix the ingredients in the container together. Don't be afraid to smash the cheese and tomatoes and grind them all a bit together; it's gonna be like sauce!

Serve the tasty molten mix over the pasta and garnish with fresh basil leaves if you feel fancy. Voilà!