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Welcome to the Writing area!

I have actually been writing fiction and non-fiction for a very long time, but due to the old problem of "never finishing any project", I have only very few things to show for it. However, over the recent few weeks and months, I have published a bunch of more stories and plan to do so for the forseeable future, too.

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I mostly write fan fiction; honestly mostly because that pretty much guarantees an audience of people who are already interested and invested in the world and/or characters and therefore might read my story. Original fiction is hard to market in comparison, and requires much more of a setup unless you want to write short stories. Despite all that, I also write original fiction from time to time.

On this page, I document everything that I have uploaded anywhere including a few exclusives that are only on this site, neatly categorized in fan and original fiction, and including a few tags.

If you want, you can also follow me on various sites that I might upload at (see sidebar), but be reassured that I will upload everything I publish on here too, all in one place.

Fan Fiction

[Final Fantasy XIV] Reckless

Description: After Alphinaud confesses some of his most private thoughts to Alisaie, she decides to take matters into her own hands and accelerate his decision process with a gift. (Content Warning: transgender theme)

Work in progress, 1500+ words

[Final Fantasy XIV] Snow-veiled Wings

Description: Sanson joins Guydelot on a questionable vacation to Coerthas. They have very different ideas about what constitutes free time; and Sanson has to pay the price.

Finished, 1002 words

[Final Fantasy XIV] Requiem

Description: An aspiring Gridanian bard regularly sneaks out at night to meet his forbidden Garlean love. Their relationship blossoms, until the tides of war force them to tragically meet as enemies in the battle at Baelsar's Wall.

Work in progress, 5000+ words

[Star Trek: DS9 / Wii Fit] All Good Things...

Description: Miles O'Brien and Julian Bashir visit Miles' favorite childhood entertainment resort on Risa - an exact recreation of an island from an obscure Earth video game - now derelict, as it waits for its successor to be built. Miles sulks in sad memories.

Finished, 834 words

[Star Trek: DS9] But One Life

Description: Doctor Julian Bashir seeks the professional opinion of his colleague, counselor Telnorri, about a patient: Jadzia Dax is losing her previous host's memories.

Finished, 998 words

[Star Trek: DS9] tenpo mun li ale

Description:jan Jasija Te en jan Julijen Pasi li lape ala. tenpo mun ni la jan tu li toki li lukin e tomo sewi lon mun; jan tu li pilin pona mute. jan Julijen li pilin olin.

Finished, toki pona, 276 words