Welcome to the LINKS page!

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Back before search engines became ubiquitous, how did web users get around? Simple: they followed the vast network of links that they'd find on their favorite people's websites. Personal homepages leading to more homepages, webrings, resource sites...

It is a more personal, simple and less advertising-friendly way to find your way around the web. Curated link lists are a decent way to find websites that you would otherwise never have heard of; since the more popular a website, the further up they usually appear in a search engine.

Hence, on this page, you will be able to find a list of links to more obscure websites I personally think are great for various reasons! They are neatly categorized, commented and sorted alphabetically within their categories, too.

Of course, to keep in the spirit of the tiny, personal and retro web, this will not feature social media (like SpaceHey) and similar larger "service" oriented pages. Instead, I want to showcase people's personal pet projects, obscure or otherwise interesting content-first web pages.

Personal Homepages

These are personal homepages of other people, just like this one!

Knowledge and Resources

These are sites that can arm you with a new skill or resources.

Small communities and projects

These are sites of smaller projects and communities, usually focused around similar topics as mine: the personal web, technical minimalism and design maximalism, and socializing outside of predatory social media.

Pimp your PC

These are links to software that I like using, usually in the spirit of reviving the more expressive digital identity: free software, old software that's still maintained, and cool whimsical gadgets.