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··· sina toki e toki [_insa_nasin_luka_insa] taso ···

Stumbled upon this by accident and have no idea what this means? Well, this helpful section is going to explain it!

Toki Pona is a constructed (e.g. willfully engineered) minimalist language that only features around 120 words in total and a simple syntax to go with it. With that limited arsenal, you can actually talk about anything! As a linguist, I of course loved the concept and promptly learned it. For almost five years now, I have been writing, talking and occasionally even thinking in Toki Pona.

This shrine is my declaration of love to the language and features badges, art I made, and much more!

Banner: Come learn Toki Pona on Libre Town!

If you want to learn toki pona, I am currently working on a comprehensive, complete course on how to learn the langage that you can access in the future by clicking here!

··· o kama pona! ···

mi jan [_linja_ilo_jo_ante_nasin].
lipu ni li tomo kon.
mi toki e pilin mi tawa toki+pona e pali mi pi toki+pona lon tomo ni.

tenpo sike luka la, mi sona e toki+pona! musi mi mute li kepeken e toki+pona.

sina wile la, o toki e jan ante lon tomo [_mije_ante_soweli_ona_toki_ona_nasin] :

··· musi mi ···

mi pini e musi toki ni lon nasin Star Trek DS9:
tenpo mun li ale (nanpa nimi: 276)

mi pali e lipu tenpo mi, taso tenpo ni la ona li pini ala.