Welcome to the SHRINES of Libre.Town!

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If you don't know what a shrine is - it's a term for subpages on a personal homepage where the webmaster (that is, me!) showcases their hobbies or special interests on specially designed sites. It's sort of like fanpages, but on a person-to-person basis!

Usually, these will contain a backstory of what the theme means to the author, fanart, writeups about the fandom, and sometimes even more interactive content like tips and walkthroughs, a name generator, music downloads, resources for further reading or links to other people's shrines.

As time goes on, I will design more and more shrines for various things I am interested in. Right now though, this is pretty empty, since I have just started building this page! So, stay tuned. I will post updates on the front page. :3

Badge: Music Room
Music Room: Vinyl, Tape and CD

Badge: Mi Toki E Toki Pona
tomo kon: the Toki Pona language