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Welcome to the Music Room!

In case you did not guess, I am also a music head. I have grown up in a household where music was everywhere: collector parents with a taste in music as wide and deep as an ocean. I have retained this perspective on music to this day and still strive to have a very encompassing taste in music. =)

Divider: Piano Keys

Through this shrine, I want to share my love and appreciation both for music as a whole, and specific artists and tracks that I like.

Additionally, it is also home to Vinyl Ventures, a series where I review the mass of vinyls and tapes that I own yet have never listened to. I have always felt like while I enjoy a whole ton of music, I cannot seem to connect many pieces of trivia or knowledge to the artists that I like. When you ask my dad about anything in his collection, he can talk to you for at least an hour about the artist's history, his own personal history with the album and at least two or three fun facts.

I want to get closer to my own collection by writing these first impressions down under the banner of Vinyl Ventures, incidentally for all of you to see.

Image: Cutout of a record player with a yellow-labelled record on it.

Vinyl Ventures