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Welcome to the Recipes area!

Did you know I like to cook? Well, I do prepare meals for myself and my roommate nearly every day, and over the years I have gotten somewhat decent at it. Because many of them are family recipes, recipes I invented or modified myself or obscure recipes I simply want more people to know, I decided to create a recipes directory on Libre Town.

So behold, because we are going to cook! All of these recipes are naturally going to go through the steps first, and then elaborate on the backstory (if any) at the end of the page, so my ramblings don't get in the way of what you're here for. Oh, and you're not going to find any animal carcasses in these recipes, so everything is at least vegetarian or fully vegan.

Fresh Salad button.

The basic building blocks of a wonderfully fresh vegetable salad on which you can expand to make any kind of super good, refreshing salad! Click here!

Devil's Pan button.

A pretty spicy homemade wok dinner featuring beans and gyro meat substitute (served over fries or potato wedges) that radiates serious junk food energy, but in the best possible way. Click here!

Cool Gnocchi button.

Nice and quick gnocchi recipe with a custom sauce made of dried tomatoes and garlic. This is a people pleaser for if you have only like half an hour and no energy to prepare a meal. Click here!