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Ingredients (feeds two people well)

Image of the Devil's Pan in question


  1. Clean the bell pepper and cut it into pieces that snugly fit in your mouth.
  2. Start frying the gyros meat in oil, preferably in a big wok that can hold the entire meal. Add the bell pepper pieces too.
  3. As the meat starts getting brown, put the wedges or fries into the oven so they are done by the time the rest is done.
  4. Now, as the meat is starting to become golden brown, pour about 200ml of red wine into the pan. Volume warning! The amount is not really important, just put an amount in that stops it from frying and starts cooking instead.
  5. Add some soy sauce/ketjap manis and reasonable amounts of paprika and curry spices.
  6. Stir well. In case there is not enough liquid left in the pan, add more wine. Keep it cooking for about ten minutes as it is.
  7. The bell pepper is now slowly losing water and getting all nice and soft. Remember to pour more wine if there is not enough fluid in the pan.
  8. Now add the barbecue sauces, the maize, the beans and a little bit of ketchup, and stir VERY well. It's a good idea to add more spices now too; there can never be enough curry in there.
  9. Keep it simmering until the fries/wedges are done, in the end pour a little of the (oat) milk for the color.
  10. Serve by first placing the fries/wedges on a plate or in a bowl and then pouring the contents of the pan over it. Delicious!


This is actually a recipe I somewhat inherited from my dad. I am aware that it is nothing special at all and definitely falls under a "junk food" umbrella, but I'll be damned if it isn't delicious! According to him, he "developed" this recipe when he was a college student with no real cooking skills, simply by trial and error, and refined it over the years. It was hot, it was delicious, and it was relatively easy to make. Of course it did not take long for him to get much, much better at cooking actually healthy and balanced, complex meals, but somehow it kept a staple throughout everything.

It is very unhealthy and does not bear much culinary worth, but as a guilty pleasure every once in a while - yum.