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Do you know what a hot take is?! A hot take is an opinion that's generally considered to be absurd, controversial, rare, unpopular or odd to have. Those can range from "Sonic 06 was actually a misunderstood masterpiece" to "perhaps we should reevaluate our collective relationship to modern art".

Of course I should mention that people online in the big evil wide internet also often use the word "hot take" or "unpopular opinion" to actually mean "bigoted buncha bollocks", but alas, this is not the case here! Libre Town is a bigotry free zone and I don't consider discrimination a valid opinion.

Either way, this is an area for my very own hot takes.

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(Things that require content warnings will have them here, too.)

List of Hot Takes

Why this section?

You might ask: "Why have a hot takes zone in the first place? Why can't you just make those normal posts in the general thoughts category?" The reason is that I would like to keep the main 'thoughts' section focused on talking about my own experiences, ideas and, well, thoughts, while potentially controversial opinions, I feel, should have their own place somewhere. If I talk about my identity issues or the cool old web somewhere vulnerable and then turn around and the next post is about something that you might feel strongly over, that might turn people off from me as a person and Libre Town as a whole.

Plus, I think that the "hot take" label frames these opinions properly: you don't have to agree with me, they're admittedly somewhat rare and everything here should be taken with a bit of a grain of salt! :)

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